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Tired and Sore But Proud Of Myself

Ironman Locking Sit Up Inversion Table - OrangeI went to see John Salgado again this morning [three days in a row!!!] and did circuit training with another of his clients. We had rounds of dips, Bosu Ball push ups, pad work, and medicine ball crunches. One of the circuit training stations was using wooden gymnastic rings for pull ups, very much like Frank uses the TRX straps. I think that I’m showing some improvement but overall all I could think about was that I was tired. LOL

I did a cool down on the small trampoline, trying to loosen some of the tightness in my joints.  Additionally, I got to try something new today: an inversion table!  It was fun although I only stayed in it for a few minutes.

I thought this video demonstrating boxing pad work drills was good.  Enjoy!

Here’s the link to 6 Bosu Ball exercises by RealSimple,com

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Slow Start To The Week

It was a slow start to the exercise week.  I didn’t get to the gym either Monday or Tuesday although  I managed to do the 4 mile loop around the park and a strength training session at Crunch. 🙂

I used the TRX Suspension Trainer and TRX Rip Trainer so I had some support as I did squats and lunges.  I did biceps curls, push ups, and triceps exercises.  I rounded out the work out with inchworms and planks using the Bosu Ball. [Here’s a link to 6 Bosu Ball exercises by RealSimple,com]

Here is a video that walks you through a beginner’s exercise routine using the TRX.  The trainer goes through a huge number of exercises and it looks like it would be a killer routine if you did them all:

[Check out for more information and detailed exercises!]

My hubby and I also got to see a New York Liberty game against the Washington Mystics. The Liberty managed to win but they play so poorly it may behoove them to lose so they get a crack at a higher draft pick next year.  At least that’s what my husband says; I tend to be far more negative about the team as a whole.

I wasn’t as successful nutritionally as I ate out several times over the past few days.  Hopefully, I can get that under control today.

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Another Excellent Kickboxing Workout

Despite coming down with a bug, I worked out with John Salgado today and did pretty well.  Because we’re still working around my cranky knee, we started out doing some drill on the Bosu Ball: jogging on it, Dome Toe Taps [you can watch the video below but I can say she’s a lot better at it than I am LOL],  side squats [again, very small movements because of my knee], and squat thrusts.

Other exercises for today included wall squats with a stability ball and a 10 lb ball.  A new item for today was assisted dips.  We rounded out the work out with punching and kicking combinations on the bag.

Wall Squat with Stability Ball by

The good news on weight loss and nutrition is that I am still within my recommended calorie intake for my BMR.  I must confess that I had vanilla ice cream with blueberries last night [yes, I entered it into the Nutrition Tracker and I remain in calorie range :-)]  I’m down another half pound but that could be just water weight.

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Kickboxing Session Gets Tougher – Bosu Ball, Free Weights and Stability Ball

I met with John Salgado this afternoon for my kickboxing training session.  4 days in a row of exercise!  I’m proud of myself. 🙂

Bosu Ball:  We did warm ups on the Bosu Ball– running in place and front kicks.  Then a series of Bosu Ball exercises combining side lunges, side kicks and squats.  There are a couple of useful online videos available.

Bosu Ball available at Amazon.comHere are a couple of online videos from

Stability Ball:  We followed the Bosu Ball exercises with tucks and push ups with the stability ball.  Strength exercises for today used 15 lb. weights doing triceps exercises and biceps curls using the stability ball. John also had me begin wall squats with the balance ball.stability ball availale at

Here is a website called that lists a number of exercises for the Stability Ball.

Free Weights Continued:  Also John had me sit and stand while doing bicep curls and  dumb bell shoulder presses.

Cardio Rounds:  Clearly, the worst thing about returning to the gym after a long absence is the lack of stamina.  I couldn’t finish a whole round because I simply couldn’t breathe and felt nauseous.  I guess that’s my newest most important goal. 😉

To develop stamina, suggests:

  • running  [can’t do it because of my knees right now]
  • sparring/training bouts) [yeah, I don’t appreciate people hitting me]
  • circuit training  Yes!
  • jumping rope [see bad knees excuse above 🙂 ]