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Tired and Sore But Proud Of Myself

Ironman Locking Sit Up Inversion Table - OrangeI went to see John Salgado again this morning [three days in a row!!!] and did circuit training with another of his clients. We had rounds of dips, Bosu Ball push ups, pad work, and medicine ball crunches. One of the circuit training stations was using wooden gymnastic rings for pull ups, very much like Frank uses the TRX straps. I think that I’m showing some improvement but overall all I could think about was that I was tired. LOL

I did a cool down on the small trampoline, trying to loosen some of the tightness in my joints.  Additionally, I got to try something new today: an inversion table!  It was fun although I only stayed in it for a few minutes.

I thought this video demonstrating boxing pad work drills was good.  Enjoy!

Here’s the link to 6 Bosu Ball exercises by RealSimple,com