Tanzania Next Week For A Safari!!!

We are setting off for Tanzania next week!!!  This will be my first safari and I’m not sure what to expect.  I’m reading up a bit on Tanzania and it’s wildlife.  The first book I read was My Serengeti Years: The Memoirs of an African Game Warden by Turner Myles.  It was an interesting read because it presented stories of a world that is clearly gone.  Myles wrote how much the Serengeti and the world had changed in his lifetime; I can’t imagine how much different it is today [can’t wait!!!].

I’ll be joining my husband there. Hopefully, we’ve packed appropriately.  🙂


Massage New York

Qi Gong Massage

After my kickboxing session with John Salgado on Thursday, I went back to Wu Lim Qi Gong Master, 179 Grand St (between Baxter St & Centre Market Pl) in Chinatown. Jack worked primarily on my lower back.  Wow!!!  I know that I’ve been touting self massage with The Stiff Stick Stick Massager and the The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook: Your Self-Treatment Guide for Pain Relief but nothing compares to getting a great Qi Gong massage.  There is absolutely no way that I would press that hard or that long on any of the knots and pressure points.  So while I grimaced the entire hour, it was so well worth it.  I’m hoping to get a couple of more massages after I return from our upcoming trip to Tanzania. 🙂


New York

Avoid Peter and The Starcatcher on Broadway

I went to see Peter and the Starcatcher at the Brooks Atkinson Theater.  It received great reviews but really disappointed.  It would have been a fun show to see at some small off-off-off Broadway venue but it does not belong on Broadway where people are spending at least a $100 a ticket to see it. While Peter and the Starcatcher had a few worthwhile moments, my friend summed it up well: it tries too hard to be clever.  The fact that someone’s phone went off FOUR times – until one of the actors stopped the show and asked that the audience turn off their phones – added to our frustration with the show.  Maybe it was because there were a number of substitute actors in last night’s performance….it doesn’t really matter….if I hadn’t had a great dinner and seen my friends, the evening would have been wasted.


Fitness Massage

Quick Work Out At Crunch

I was a tad sore from yesterday’s Qi Gong massage but wow! what a difference it made.  My lower back is still stiff and my legs need more help but my knees are better and my shoulders are also happier.  I will try to get back on Friday.

I am posting the second part to yesterday’s Qi Gong massage video by   I found these simple steps very relaxing and hope you do too.

Exercise Fitness Kickboxing Massage New York sports

Kickboxing Session Then Qi Gong Massage

I had a pretty good work out session with John Salgado this afternoon.  My stamina is awful, however, and my knee has not improved very much at all.   After my work out, I went to get a massage at Wu Lim Qi Gong Master, 179 Grand St (between Baxter St & Centre Market Pl) in Chinatown.  It had great reviews on Yelp so I thought I’d give it a try.  Jack, the masseur, was amazing.  I was a bundle of knots so it was a pretty painful session but I’m so glad I went.  As Jack said: “No pain, no gain”.  So was I frightened?  Yes, a little bit….  but I’ve had some fairly lousy massages recently, so I was getting desperate.  Clearly, my back and legs still need a lot of work but I have hope that my knees will ultimately benefit from further Qi Gong massages.  Woo Hoo!

I have to say that it was gratifying when the masseur said that it was clear I work out.  Was he referring to all the knots or that I actually had some muscles?  I prefer to think it was the latter.

I am including a video on how to do some facial massages for relaxation by .  I was doing the facial massages as he spoke and thought it was pretty good.  Enjoy!

Entertainment New York

Bruce Lee’s 1964 Audition for the Green Hornet

Okay- there’s no reason for this except that I adore watching Bruce Lee. Here he is describing Kung Fu. {and, yes, if you were wondering…I dod manage to get to the gym and do some strength training this morning so I’m not feeling completely useless. :-)]

New Jersey New York New York Liberty sports

New York Liberty 91, Tulsa Shock 74

We went to our final New York Liberty game of the season and despite a slow start, the New York Liberty pulled off a win!  🙂  The Liberty have secured a spot in the playoffs so their season hasn’t yet ended.  Congratulations to the team!!!

Exercise Fitness New York sports

Kickboxing and Martial Arts

I didn’t do any kickboxing drills today at the gym with John Salgado –  we focused again on circuit training.  Today’s rounds included bicep curls on the bench, followed by leg lifts and v-sit ups.  The second station used the gymnastic rings for pull-ups and then moderated dips.  At the last station, I used the stability ball for various kinds of bridges and sit ups.

Juny’s comments on her Kuk Sool Won practice was inspiring.  It brought back memories of my Hapkido classes in London at Chang’s Hapkido Academy last year.  I really enjoyed the classes, and although I didn’t continue my studies I have very fond memories of my time there.  I wish them all the very best. 🙂

I thought I would include a short video demonstrating some of the Kuk Sool Won wrist locks. 

ki bon soo 1-15 (yellow and orange belt) basic joint locks with pressure points and throws

 Find more of these videos on mrblackbelt42’s channel

Exercise Fitness Kickboxing New York sports

Tired and Sore But Proud Of Myself

Ironman Locking Sit Up Inversion Table - OrangeI went to see John Salgado again this morning [three days in a row!!!] and did circuit training with another of his clients. We had rounds of dips, Bosu Ball push ups, pad work, and medicine ball crunches. One of the circuit training stations was using wooden gymnastic rings for pull ups, very much like Frank uses the TRX straps. I think that I’m showing some improvement but overall all I could think about was that I was tired. LOL

I did a cool down on the small trampoline, trying to loosen some of the tightness in my joints.  Additionally, I got to try something new today: an inversion table!  It was fun although I only stayed in it for a few minutes.

I thought this video demonstrating boxing pad work drills was good.  Enjoy!

Here’s the link to 6 Bosu Ball exercises by RealSimple,com

Exercise Fitness Kickboxing New York sports

Kickboxing As A Tranquilizer

I have to admit that I was in a fairly foul mood all day- no particular reason, just internally roiling.  As I made my way to midtown this afternoon..running errands, navigating my way around tourists who walk at a snail’s pace and then stop for no reason at all… I thought that I should have a flashing light above my head that warned people away. >:-(

My mood improved dramatically as soon as I started to really work out.  Yes, after the mobility exercises and warm ups and a few minutes into the excruciating dip exercises I became happy.  How strange. It happened too quickly to have been caused by endorphins.  It may have just been the opportunity to really move instead of being cooped up at the dentists office or the subway or trailing behind really slow folks on the street.  Woo hoo!  At least I was good this afternoon.  Let’s see if I feel that good again after tomorrow’s session.

Here’s a video that walks youthrough the proper way to do a dip.  I must admit that I do a modified version of this and keep one foot on the bottom bar so I have help in going up and down.