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December 31st….Looking Ahead To Better Health!

We’re back from our cruise and Christmas dinners!  We are also almost at our historic highs for weight and Body Fat%.  Bad news….

Fortunately, we are looking forward to better eating habits and regular exercise next year.  I have begun the Couch to 5K in 8 week pod casts at  You are supposed to do the Week One pod-cast 3 times in one week.  It comprises a 27 minute podcast with a 5 minute walk followed by 4 intervals of two-minute jogs and three minute walks.  I’ve done two of the three workouts for the week and have had to ice my ankle already. 🙁  I will need to work on it; wearing an ankle brace this morning helped.  I am also rewarding myself and buying a new pair of sneakers.

Week 1 of the 5K 101
Week 1 of the 5K 101