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Kickboxing and Martial Arts

I didn’t do any kickboxing drills today at the gym with John Salgado –  we focused again on circuit training.  Today’s rounds included bicep curls on the bench, followed by leg lifts and v-sit ups.  The second station used the gymnastic rings for pull-ups and then moderated dips.  At the last station, I used the stability ball for various kinds of bridges and sit ups.

Juny’s comments on her Kuk Sool Won practice was inspiring.  It brought back memories of my Hapkido classes in London at Chang’s Hapkido Academy last year.  I really enjoyed the classes, and although I didn’t continue my studies I have very fond memories of my time there.  I wish them all the very best. 🙂

I thought I would include a short video demonstrating some of the Kuk Sool Won wrist locks. 

ki bon soo 1-15 (yellow and orange belt) basic joint locks with pressure points and throws

 Find more of these videos on mrblackbelt42’s channel

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Back Strengtheners With Resistance Bands and Kickboxing Cardio

I met with John Salgado this afternoon for my kickboxing session.  We’re going to ease into strengthening my legs so we focused primarily on arms and back.  The session  began with mobility exercises to try to get the kinks out of my legs. We then proceeded to do a series of slow front kicks. By isolating each part of the kick, John says that we work on our core strength, balance and technique.  [I found a related article on the benefit of isolation exercises called “How to Front Kick“.]

Then we moved onto Back Exercises [3 sets] using the Stability Ball:

Using the Resistance Bands and seated on a balance ball:

  • Lateral Rowskickboxing woman
  • Seated Rows
  • Bicep Curls

Also on the Balance Ball [3 sets]:

  • Push ups on the Stability Ball Reps: 12-15
  • Knee Tucks on the Stability Ball Reps: 12-15
  • Dumbbell Chest Press on Ball [15, 20, 25 lb weights]
  • Dumbbell Triceps Extensions on Ball [15, 20, 25 lb weights]
  • Sit ups [last set with light weights]

We also did a couple of rounds doing punches, slips and kicks with the punching bag. We finished with 3 minutes of elbow-to-knees sit ups.

After stretching my legs and back, we ended our session today with some QiGong outside.

We picked up a couple of Mango and Green Teas with Tapioca at CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice.  According to, tapioca bubble tea combines tea, milk, honey and cooked tapioca pearls to form a frothy beverage that should be treated as a dessert in your caloric count. The large drink probably contained more than 300 calories. I’d always thought tapioca was good for you but I think I will pass on these next time.