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Sunny Again in Lanikai

The rain finally gave us a break and everyone is soaking up the sunshine.  I joined the group golf lesson at the Mid Pacific Golf Club and worked on my driving skills.  After an hour, I thought I’d improved.  Sadly, a later round of golf showed that many more hours of practice are needed.

The highlight of the morning?  We saw President Obama on the course.


First Day At Golf

We joined the Mid Pacific Country Club in Lanikai!  We picked up a couple of used golf club sets at Roots & Relics in Honolulu.  Mid Pac has a gorgeous golf course and we can walk there easily. Although I’ve never played before, Bill and I played 9 holes this morning.  Bill did well while I picked up my ball a lot but the  day was great and we had fun.

This photo of Lanikai Beach is courtesy of TripAdvisor

I was surprised at how little the clubs cost relative to all accoutrements.  Golf bogs,  golf bag carts, shoes, an club-appropriate clothes….  We are looking forward to checking out the gym, dining rooms and social events at the club while we are in Hawaii.