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Kickboxing As A Tranquilizer

I have to admit that I was in a fairly foul mood all day- no particular reason, just internally roiling.  As I made my way to midtown this afternoon..running errands, navigating my way around tourists who walk at a snail’s pace and then stop for no reason at all… I thought that I should have a flashing light above my head that warned people away. >:-(

My mood improved dramatically as soon as I started to really work out.  Yes, after the mobility exercises and warm ups and a few minutes into the excruciating dip exercises I became happy.  How strange. It happened too quickly to have been caused by endorphins.  It may have just been the opportunity to really move instead of being cooped up at the dentists office or the subway or trailing behind really slow folks on the street.  Woo hoo!  At least I was good this afternoon.  Let’s see if I feel that good again after tomorrow’s session.

Here’s a video that walks youthrough the proper way to do a dip.  I must admit that I do a modified version of this and keep one foot on the bottom bar so I have help in going up and down.