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Doing a Baseline

Today was another rest day so I thought I would take some Home Fitness Tests for sit ups, push ups, and stretching.  I skipped the step and vertical jump tests in consideration of my bad knees.  Overall, I’m feeling fairly satisfied.  Now all I need to focus on is getting my weight down.

  • I did 32 push ups for the Top End Sports Push Up Test at Home [with one 10 second break after the first 20] so that also was excellent for a woman my age.  Yes, I cheated and saw how many I needed to complete and didn’t bother doing more than that. LOL  According to the site, I’m only average but they allow for modified push ups for women.
  • I did 54 sit ups in 60 seconds, which according to The Top End Sports Fitness Test, is excellent for a woman 46 – 55 years old.  I’m excellent according to the site as well.  Woo Hoo!
  • I did 30 squats for the Top End Sports Squat Test at Home [yes, I did the minimum needed to get an ‘excellent’ because I am inherently lazy]
  • I was only average for the Top End Sports Sit & Reach Flexibility at Home test. This simple test is designed to measure the flexibility of your hamstrings and lower back. The sit and reach test has long been used as a test to represent a person’s flexibility, though actual flexibility may differ around the body.  I didn’t have a step so my results may not be accurate but close enough.




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