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Avoid Peter and The Starcatcher on Broadway

I went to see Peter and the Starcatcher at the Brooks Atkinson Theater.  It received great reviews but really disappointed.  It would have been a fun show to see at some small off-off-off Broadway venue but it does not belong on Broadway where people are spending at least a $100 a ticket to see it. While Peter and the Starcatcher had a few worthwhile moments, my friend summed it up well: it tries too hard to be clever.  The fact that someone’s phone went off FOUR times – until one of the actors stopped the show and asked that the audience turn off their phones – added to our frustration with the show.  Maybe it was because there were a number of substitute actors in last night’s performance….it doesn’t really matter….if I hadn’t had a great dinner and seen my friends, the evening would have been wasted.


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