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What Comprises a “Kickboxing Boot Camp”?

I’m feeling a bit smug.  I worked out today with John and felt as winded as I normally feel [as in “I’m going to throw up and die before the 4 minute round is over”].  After our session was over, we sat around chatting and watched a group class begin.  The four young women were in very good shape but seemed to spend a good deal of time standing around between each exercise. I asked what the class was called and was told: “Kickboxing Boot Camp”.  My response to John was that it couldn’t be correct because: [1]  the women were still breathing and [2] since when does boot camp allow you to just stand around for minutes at a time between exercises?  LOL

I shake my head sadly, however, because they all looked so young and in shape and could each probably do my workout with no issues……

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Slow Start To The Week

It was a slow start to the exercise week.  I didn’t get to the gym either Monday or Tuesday although  I managed to do the 4 mile loop around the park and a strength training session at Crunch. 🙂

I used the TRX Suspension Trainer and TRX Rip Trainer so I had some support as I did squats and lunges.  I did biceps curls, push ups, and triceps exercises.  I rounded out the work out with inchworms and planks using the Bosu Ball. [Here’s a link to 6 Bosu Ball exercises by RealSimple,com]

Here is a video that walks you through a beginner’s exercise routine using the TRX.  The trainer goes through a huge number of exercises and it looks like it would be a killer routine if you did them all:

[Check out for more information and detailed exercises!]

My hubby and I also got to see a New York Liberty game against the Washington Mystics. The Liberty managed to win but they play so poorly it may behoove them to lose so they get a crack at a higher draft pick next year.  At least that’s what my husband says; I tend to be far more negative about the team as a whole.

I wasn’t as successful nutritionally as I ate out several times over the past few days.  Hopefully, I can get that under control today.