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Cirque du Soleil’s Zarkana at Radio City Music Hall in New York City


My husband and I were lucky enough to get free tickets to see Cirque du Soleil‘s Zarkana.   Zarkana is a touring arena show that is playing in Radio City Music Hall in New York City.  Our tickets were dead center aisle seats in the fourth row!  Awesome.

The show basically transforms Radio City Music Hall into a Big Top circus, complete with two silly [and not terribly funny] clowns who keep the audience entertained while the sets are changed.  The one bit they did well was when they pulled a young woman from the audience and did some schtick with her.  She was a very good sport. 🙂   The review describes it as:

The essential story is the same: Zark the magician (Paul Bisson) searches for his love in the bowels of an old theater inhabited by a mischievous group of swamis, escaped prisoners, ballerinas, French soldiers, mad scientists, and misfits. He meets with exotic women creatures (all played by Meetu Chilana). In between, acrobats and aerialists perform Cirque’s trademark death-defying feats of skill, including the aptly named Wheel of Death.

 I had a terrific time – there were a couple of fumbles by the aerialists but overall they were superb.  I actually had my hands over my mouth as I watched some of the acts.  I think I was more impressed than the 10-year old boy sitting in front of me. [What the heck does it take to impress kids these days, anyway?  I think they compare live theater to computer generated images…]

Zarkana_ Village Voice

The sets were huge and beautiful.  The music was only mediocre but the voices were lovely.  The Village Voice review by Michael Musto was short and sweet. You should click on the link and read it.

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Kickboxing Session Gets Tougher – Bosu Ball, Free Weights and Stability Ball

I met with John Salgado this afternoon for my kickboxing training session.  4 days in a row of exercise!  I’m proud of myself. 🙂

Bosu Ball:  We did warm ups on the Bosu Ball– running in place and front kicks.  Then a series of Bosu Ball exercises combining side lunges, side kicks and squats.  There are a couple of useful online videos available.

Bosu Ball available at Amazon.comHere are a couple of online videos from

Stability Ball:  We followed the Bosu Ball exercises with tucks and push ups with the stability ball.  Strength exercises for today used 15 lb. weights doing triceps exercises and biceps curls using the stability ball. John also had me begin wall squats with the balance ball.stability ball availale at

Here is a website called that lists a number of exercises for the Stability Ball.

Free Weights Continued:  Also John had me sit and stand while doing bicep curls and  dumb bell shoulder presses.

Cardio Rounds:  Clearly, the worst thing about returning to the gym after a long absence is the lack of stamina.  I couldn’t finish a whole round because I simply couldn’t breathe and felt nauseous.  I guess that’s my newest most important goal. 😉

To develop stamina, suggests:

  • running  [can’t do it because of my knees right now]
  • sparring/training bouts) [yeah, I don’t appreciate people hitting me]
  • circuit training  Yes!
  • jumping rope [see bad knees excuse above 🙂 ]